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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cub Scout Blue and Gold

Today has been rather crazy, so I thought I would just share a few pictures from our Blue and Gold Banquet.  Maybe it will give you some ideas if you are trying to plan one.  These ideas could also be used on a smaller scale for a birthday party! 

As I mentioned here, our theme was Knights of the Round table this year.  The horse is my favorite!  The big wood frame with a white sheet is actually a draw bridge.  It was pretty cool.  They lowered it for the crossover.  Perry's Webelo Den made it for the Pack.

The centerpieces were made by one of our very talented mothers!  It took her days to get them all made.  They are cookie pops shaped like castles, swords, dragons, crowns, etc.  There was a crown for everyone and sticker gems so that everyone could decorate them.  A bowl of gold/silver coins was on each table along with a checker board. 

This is our fearless Cub Master doing a intro to the evening.  The sheet on the bridge doubled as a projection screen.

Buzz (previously known as Smiles :D) working on his crown.  He was a magician in his Den skit hence the sorcerers hat on the table.

Pumpkin wanted in on the fun so she went as a princess.

We had stations set up all around the room that the kids could do at different times during the evening.  This one was a make your own shield.  Stickers, markers, puff paint, and jewels were out for them to personalize the shields.  The actual shield was made from a pizza box.  Some were cut in circles and others shaped like in the picture.  They were all spray painted silver and had two holes poked in the center.  String was pulled through the holes to create a handle.

Here is Perry's finished product!

This was our archery station.  This was a large sheet hung on the wall.  The dragon was drawn by one of our Scouts and his father.  The heart was cut out.  A bow was made out of a 1/2 inch PVC pipe and string.  An arrow was made out of a triangle piece of foam and a wooden dowel.  Each boy that shot the arrow through the hole got a balloon sword.

This was a jousting station.  The kids could come from either side of it.  They were given paper towel tubes with a balloon in the end of it.  They had to "ride" on their horse and the first one to get his balloon to pop won.  There were little thumb tacks coming out of the boards to pop the balloons. 
 Everyone that popped a balloon was given some tootsie rolls.
These were pretty cool too.  The Webelo II's made them.  I think they called them Arrow of Light Plaques.  They had all the belt loops, pins, etc that the Scout had earned.  In addition they had an arrow.  This was a really nice way to display all the hard work that each of these boys had done during there time with the Pack.  In addition to these stations, we had a castle moon bounce, face painting, and a station to work on earning a Chess Belt Loop.

I will share some of our past Blue and Gold Banquets with you at another time.  Hope you enjoyed these!
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