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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Great Diaper Debate

     With 5 Children, I have spent everyday for the last 10 years up to my eyeballs in changing diapers.  I have tried just about every brand under the sun.  I have done cloth, disposable, name brand and store brand.  After all this time I still can't say there is any one that I LOVE, but maybe this information will help you.

Luvs - Years ago I used Luvs for Perry.  I truly supported the commerical advertising that they could "hold like the Hover Dam!"  I found that they were absorbent and not too pricey.  It wasn't until my allergy kid, Bud can along that I had to switch brands.  Luvs has a slight scenting to them, and this seemed to inflame little Buds bottom.

Seventh Generation -  I tried some organic disposable diapers thinking that they would be wonderful.  Uh...WRONG...  They were so scratchy!  It was like putting a piece of cardboard on my baby's bottom.  On top of that, if he peed once everything was soaked and he was getting rashes...Nope that was not working.

Cloth Diapers - My friend, offered me some cloth diapers to try.  I have to say if it wasn't for the fact that I had to wash them, I think I would have kept using them.  I just was so grossed out by having to scrape poop off them.  Blech!  So I set out looking again.

Huggies -  To me, this brand was way to expensive (without coupons) and at the time I didn't find them to be worth the extra money.  For the price I felt they should be able to change themselves!

Pampers - I settled on Pampers.  They seemed to do a nice job, not too scratchy, no scent = no rash, not too expensive, absorbent enough to last through the night.  YES!  I felt I had found a winner.

Store Brands - Baby #4 arrives bringing a new demand for budget friendly diapers.  Money was tighter now, and I had to be thrifty with what I was buying.  I still liked Pampers, but often needed to buy store brands.  I was amazed to find that the store brands had really improved over the last several years.  I really liked Walmart's brand.  My SIL swore by Target's.  After using Target's a few times I had to agree with her.  They were nicer than Walmart's.  I still like Targets best, however I personally usually buy our diapers from BJ's Wholesale.  I find them to be a great price, and comparable to Pampers. 

No matter what you use, here are a few things to remember:
  1. Change the baby often!  No baby wants to sit around in a wet or poopy diaper.  Newborns should be changed every time they feed or every 2 hours (more often if they mess in between).  An infant between about 4 months - 12 months should be changed every three hours or more often if needed.  I found it worked well to change them when they woke up in the am, again before morning nap, right after lunch, again after the afternoon nap, and then usually right before bed.  Did you follow that?  Again, we do it more if needed.
  2. Little boys need assistance...  I know that sounds weird, but with a little boy, they tend to pee out of their diaper.  You parents who have boys know what I mean!  The front of them will be soaked, but the diaper is still dry... what the what?  How does that happen?  If you simply redirect his "little buddy" so it is pointed downward before you close the diaper, you will have no more wet tummy/dry diaper incidences (3 boys = lots of practice) 
  3. Size up...  If your child is having lots of leaky diapers, it is probably time to size up.  This can be really helpful for night time too.  If your child always wakes wet but doesn't leak during the day, just size up for night time.  If you are using cloth you can double diaper for night.
  4. Girls blow out more!  I don't know why this seems to happen more with a girl than a boy, but they can blow out that diaper like PRO!  I have had so many times when one of my girls did this and left the car seat (or my clothes) a mess!  I now always carry a few plastic grocery bags and a full thing of wet wipes with me everywhere!  Just being prepared for these things can make a world of difference! 
 What are your favorite diaper brands?  Any diaper changing secrets?  Please share, I would love to hear from you!

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