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Monday, March 11, 2013

DIY Dollar Store Moss Balls

Lately I have been seeing moss balls all over the place in decorating.  I keep admiring them, but not enough to break down and purchase them. 
During my last visit to the dollar store (I am there a lot.....did you pick up on that yet?) I found that they had bags of moss.  I snatched up a bag thinking I might use it for a different project, that is until I spotted some Styrofoam balls.  It was a 6 pack of them for a buck.  Ummm SOLD!!!

 Hmmm I wonder if I could make my own moss balls?  And a new craft project is born.  :)

I took one of the balls and tried painting on some white glue.  I didn't feel it was thick enough and ended up just spreading it on straight from the bottle.

I then just dipped the ball into the moss which I had dumped onto a paper plate.  (This is a little messy so you might want to wear some gloves.)  I kept squishing the moss down with my hand.  I let it dry and then layered some more on, etc.  I took the glue and just filled in the holes were I saw them.

I made two moss balls and decided to mix them in with some other natural balls I already had on hand.  I probably should have put another layer of moss on this ball as you can still see a little white from the Styrofoam. 
 Isn't my bunny cute?  I love him.  My Great-Grandmother made him for me when I was a little girl.

 I put the other ball into a bowl with the rest of the nature balls (I really have no idea what these are actually called. Do you know?) 

Here is the finished product.  I feel as though the table is still missing something....maybe some books? 

FYI the table was made by my amazing husband for my birthday a few years back.  He is so talented. 

 Ironically that painting has been sitting there for a month waiting to be hung.  As soon as I took these photos, Hubby came and hung it for me. Now, I think I like it better down. What do you think? 

The total cost for this little project was $2.  Love it!

Do you have any DIY projects or recipes you want to share? 

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  1. Thanks for your tutorial on making Dollar Store moss balls. I think I have everything I need to try these myself. Yours turned out great.

    1. That's great, Sharon! Let me know how they turn out.

  2. These are adorable, Meredith, and look very upscale. Love it! I wanted to invite you to join my How To Tuesday link party, if you haven't already joined . It would be wonderful to have you!

    1. Thank you Katie B. So glad you like them! I would love to join your link party. I will be by to check it out! Thanks for the invite. :)

  3. They are called twig balls. Nice job.

    1. Twig balls...makes sense! lol Thanks Carissa!


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