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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Do-A-Dot Preschool Art

My preschoolers love to paint...but ugh, how I hate the mess it makes.  Several years ago I stumbled on an awesome alternative to regular paint, sort of a cross between watercolor and marker.  They are called Do-A-Dot Art paints.  They are much like a bingo marker. In fact you could probably use a bingo marker as a substitute for these. There are endless projects that can be done with them. 
As you all know, I love to free style when it comes to art projects.  Whelp, these are great for that!  I just throw out a few sheets of paper and the dots.  Pumpkin sat at the table working with them for well over an hour.  She often asks me to pull them out while I'm cooking too.  (Just a word of caution; they will splatter paint if you get too aggressive with them.)
This past week we decided to draw some pictures with just a black marker and then use the Do-A-Dots to color them. 
I had actually drawn this bunny for Pumpkin to color, but Buzz liked it and asked if he could do it instead.  Pumpkin was still busy free styling so she handed it over for him to decorate.
The finished product.
Here are a few others we did this week. 

 I love this last little bunny!  He looks like he fell into some Easter egg dye!  ;)

Do-A-Dots can be purchased through Amazon, below is the link.

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  1. what a colorful post, my kids are enjoying while looking the images. Thanks for the post.


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