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Monday, March 4, 2013

Dollar Store Crafts

This weekend my family headed to one of our favorite vacation spots, Lewes, Delaware.  My hubby is a Cabinet Maker, and sometimes does some side Carpentry type work.  This was one of those weekends.  He was hired to do some work in Lewes, so our whole family got to go along. 
Normally this would be super fun, but the kids and I had no car, and it was too cold to really go to the beach.  So instead I brought along a few craft supplies I picked up at the dollar store. 

 As soon as the kids got up, I dumped everything out onto the table.  I had found these Fuzzy things and thought they might be a lot of fun.  They are like pipe cleaners, only much longer and thicker.  They came with googly eyes and face stickers in the package as well. 

In addition I had some regular pipe cleaners, glue, pompoms, and cotton balls.  All of which I picked up at the dollar store. 

The kids set to work.  I told them they could make whatever they wanted.  I really love freestyle crafting.  I feel the creativity level is so much higher! 

Pumpkin wanted to make a bunny, this is what the end project looked like.
Yes she does still have a pacifier.
I think Bud was just having fun gluing eye balls onto his. I have no idea what this is, but he was very proud of it none the less. ;)
 Don't you just love his Buzz jammies?  ;)
Perry is the family artist. He just amazes me with the things he can come up with when I give him a project like this. He made this "purple alien frog"...

And this "teddy bear". 

 Aren't they cute?!? 
I have to say, I was amazed by the teddy bear. It really feels like a stuffed teddy bear!

Buzz wasn't there when we started on these projects, so he made his after the camera was put away.  His was a really cool looking dragon with wings made out of pipe cleaners.   Pumpkin had twisted one of these up into her hair too. It actually made a pretty cute headband.  I think the ideas for what you could do with these are endless.

After the kids finished the fuzzy projects I pulled out these foam shapes. 
They come about 5 to a pack at the dollar store.  I also found some Easter/spring foam stickers there and gave them those to play with. 
I will stick some magnets on the back of these and the kids will give them to their grandparents. (I reuse magnets we have laying around the house.  A little hot glue and they are good to go.)
Pumpkin wanted to make another bunny.
The face on this cracked me up!  This was a nice simple preschool craft that really did not require any planning.
Honestly these crafts kept the kids occupied for several hours, and the supplies all came from the dollar store = cheap.  I hope these give you some fun ideas for easy dollar store crafts.  I have a few other things I am working on using dollar store supplies.  Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss them!
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