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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fun at the Pinewood Derby

March equals Pinewood Derby for Cub Scouts.  This is a favorite event in our home, for both the boys and Dad.  Ours was just a few weeks ago.  Early on the day of the event we headed out to go help set up the track.  Our Pack doesn't own a track, so we just borrow one.  Why buy when you can borrow.  :)
Here my husband (Mr. Handy) and some leaders are tweaking the track and testing software for the big race.
 Our Cubmaster makes some pretty neat drivers licenses for the Scouts. A few weeks in advance they take a test (on rules of the derby) and eye exam and get their pictures taken. When they check their cars in on the day of the race, they get the license.  The photos also show up on the big screen when their car races.  The kids love getting to see themselves up there!

In our Pack we give prizes to the top 3 fastest cars in the Pack, top 3 fastest in each Den, Best Design, and then a bunch of varying design awards that the Scouts and parents pick.  No one can win more than one award.  We also have an open race for parents and siblings (sometimes grandparents too) which gets an overall fastest award.  I actually enjoy the open the most because there aren't any rules therefore you get some pretty creative (and fast) cars.

When it was time to test the track, Pumpkin and Bud felt they needed to help.  They caught the cars so they didn't run off the track.  During the race we had some blankets and a box there to catch all the cars.  We wouldn't want any to get damaged!

This was Buzz's car.  Dad helped with the shaping, but Buzz did the paint job himself.  Even put white walls on the tires.

This was Perry's car.  He loves to use Lego men as drivers.  I think he has done that the last 3 years.  He actually did most of his by himself this year.  Sniff sniff - he is getting so big.

For fun here are a few pictures of some of my other favorites.  The one with orange wheels was painted by Bud and Pumpkin. They painted it all by themselves.  Couldn't tell could you?  I also love the Reese's one.  It is so clever.  Just a wrapper glued around the base with the ends painted brown.

The Elmo car is great too.  It was red fluffy fabric glued onto a base, ping pong balls for eyes, and an orange pompom for the nose.  Super cute!  Oh and did you notice the one made out of Legos?  It was made by one of our Den Leaders.  These were all cars from the open race.  See, I told you we get some cool ones.  The Lightning Bolt weighs a ton and was the winner of the open as a result, cause apparently weight matters with these things ;).

We were so proud and excited when Perry won 2nd place for his Den

And Buzz won most creative.

I don't have any pictures of it, but we always set up stations along the edge of the room for earning belt loops as well.  This year we had weather and chess loop stations.  It gives the boys something to do while they wait for their cars to race.  We also have a concession stand.  Usually we just have popcorn, pretzels and hot dogs.  This year we tried something new and had pizza and nachos.  The boys LOVED the nachos and we actually had to run out and get more!
Overall it was a fun day and my family went home tired, but happy.
TIP:  Looking for ideas for a little boys birthday party?  Try having a Lego Car Derby.  Each boy can build his own car as he arrives to the party and they race them down a homemade track.  (We have done this and it was a lot of fun.)
Do you do anything that makes your Pinewood Derby extra special?  If so I would love to hear from you!
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  1. So cute! We just had ours. We won lat year, but not this year. I am the comm. chair and what a great idea for earning belt loops!

    1. That is great Jennifer! I am Comm. Chair for our unit as well. We love doing the belt loop stations. It really helps cut down on the kids boredom when their car isn't racing. :)


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