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Friday, March 22, 2013

Meredith's Top Ten Educational Websites

This month I am highlighting some of my favorite educational websites.  I am always on the lookout for new online resources to pair with my curriculum. For me to approve it, it has to be a safe site for my kids to explore, yet have fun, and all while being educational.  You would be surprised at how many sites actually fit into that mold.  The following are my top 10 favorites.  I do have several more that sometimes float up onto this list, but these tend to be my constants.  Most of these sites are good for Preschool through Junior High.  A few of these do require that you pay to use their site.  Others may allow you to use certain areas but pay for use of the full site.  Just FYI, I am not getting compensation from any of these sites.  These are simply favorites of mine and my family, and we wanted to share them with you.

1) launched in 2010.  This website does require a membership.  The cost is just under $8 per month.  They do offer a free 30 day trial.  This site is great for ages 2 - Kindergarten.  I would recommend it as an add-on to your child's curriculum.  This site offers a fun way for children to learn their letters - reading, math skills, social studies and science items.  There are printables available for extra enrichment.  One of our favorite items about this site is that every activity is rewarded with virtual tickets that can be used to buy any number of virtual toys, clothes, pets, etc.  This is a very motivating program for young learns.

2) Storyline Online is run by the Screen Actors Guild.  This site is free, but does encourage donations to keep it up and running.  Members of the SAG read a variety of children's literature.  Addition printables and lesson plans are available for each book.  This has been one of my favorites for close to 5 years now.

3) We found when my oldest was learning to read.  It is safe to say this has remained a favorite for us.  The basic site is free.  They also offer a membership page called, More Starfall, which include additional activities, books, math helps, printables, songs, etc.  More Starfall memberships run about $35 for a 1 year subscription.  This site also has a full Kindergarten curriculum that can be purchased, as well as individual workbooks.  For 2013-14 they will be introducing a full preschool curriculum.  Mobile apps are now available for this site as well.

4) is another great site for online literature and language arts aids for preschool through early elementary grades.  It also offers areas on art and music that are very nicely done for this age group.  As with some areas can be used for free.  Additional areas can be accessed with a subscription.  Subscriptions for this site are $24.95 a year.  New items are added every month, so there are always new things to explore.

5)  PBS Kids is just chock full of fun.  Find games, videos, printables, and more from all your favorite PBS shows.  The site is free, and mobile apps are now available for it as well.  Items can be found for ages 2 and up.  Older children will enjoy exploring PBS Kids Go.  Here they can create a "secret box" and create their own characters, cartoons, movies and more.  My boys are obsessed with this site right now.

 6) Seussville is your stop for all things Seuss.  There is a little something for everyone here.  This free site has tons of games and printables based off of Dr. Seuss books.  Learn more about the author or watch videos.  Educators can find lesson plans to correlate with any number of topics.

 7) An ideal site for an add-on to your curriculum is Brain POP Jr.  This site is designed for Kindergarten - 3rd grade.  For older children be sure to visit their sister site Brain POP.  Both sites covers a wide variety of subjects.  Each topic includes a short video, games, activities, quizzes, etc.  Both sites have areas that you may use for free.  Subscriptions for the full site run about $8.45 per month or $85 per year.  A mobile app is now available for these sites as well.

8)  A new site to us is Funbrain.  Geared towards grades K-8, Funbrain is packed full of engaging games and books.  Find math, reading, homework helps and more.

9) If your child needs to brush up on their basic math facts, visit Reflex Math.  Reflex uses only basic math facts to create fun and engaging games.  Reflex is $35 per year/ per child.  They do offer a free trial so you can give it a test run before purchasing.  I have seen huge gains in math fact fluency for my boys using this program.  This is great for all ages.  I even find myself playing it on the teacher setting.  ;)

10)  National Geographic Kids is your site for all things history and science.  Find tons of videos, games, facts, and activities for all ages.  I find this site fascinating and have to plan out my trips here or will end up staying for hours!

 So there you have it; my top ten educational websites!  Go check them out.  Do you have any favorites that I didn't mention?  If so please let me know about them!

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