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Thursday, March 14, 2013

More Simple Easter Decorations

Hello friends, today I have a few more Easter decorations for you.  The wreath pictured above I made guessed it.....dollar store supplies. ;)
I love these little foam eggs on sticks.  They come in two sizes.  I bought 1 pack of the large, and 2 of the small.  With just a little twist I was able to pull the sticks out without damaging the eggs.  I found the mini vine wreath and the bow at the dollar store as well.  I just hot glued everything to the wreath. TIP: Hot glue works best if you let it cool for a few seconds before you press the items together.  Total cost for the wreath project was $5 and about 30 minute to assemble.

 I also made the egg garland.  I used 2 bags of mini eggs from the dollar store. 

The mini eggs came with holes already in them, so all I had to do was string them.  I used some thin gold cord I already had on hand, so that craft cost $2 and took about 10 minutes to make.  (It went very quickly once I started opening the eggs to string them.)
I added this last wreath, because it is a cute craft for children.  This one was actually created by Perry (age 10).  He cut the middle of a heavy duty paper plate and then glued on the pom poms (leftover from this craft).  The little bows are all from the eggs sticks on my wreath.  We have this hanging on our powder room door.  Simple, cute and free, my favorite kind of craft!
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