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Thursday, March 7, 2013

World's Best Vacuum

Lady's and Gentleman, step right up here as I tell you about the most amazing little
 Do you get tired of vacuuming only to turn around and discover your current machine missed something?  Do you get sick from having to change or clean those disgusting vacuum filters?  Do you ever wish that your vacuum would just run itself?

 Well my friends, if the answer to any of these questions was yes, boy do I have a treat for you! 
Let me tell you about The World's Best Vacuum!
This little miracle will pick up even the smallest pieces of dust and debris from your floors.  It never misses a speck.  No more missed threads on your carpet or crumbs under your table.
This hard worker runs on carpeting, hardwood, or tile.  No matter your floor type, this little wonder will do the job!   

With this little beauty you will never need to worry about loss of suction!  Plus, there will be no more filters to be changed!
  It is automatic, self propelled, and cordless.  No additional attachments are needed for this little monster.  It does it all.
I tell ya, my floors have never been cleaner than after this little vacuum takes to my floors.
My friends, I present to you.... 
The World's Best Vacuum!

*Note - I joke about Baby being our human vacuum all the time.  She really does grab every little speck off the floor.  It is so important if you have small children, to keep the areas where they play safe and clean of any small items.  It only takes a second for them to find and swallow those little choking hazards.  Even paper can be a hazard, so please watch your babies while they play and keep those small items put away!  :)
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