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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cleaning Ceiling Fans

I am so excited that we are finally getting some warmer weather!  It was actually in the 80's here today.  I even broke out some April...unheard of for me!  I knew that my 2 story home would be a hot house at bedtime with this warmer weather, and sleeping with the windows open is not an option due to our seasonal allergies.  That means we will be switching on the ceiling fans for comfortable sleeping.  Um, then I took a look at the ceiling fans....EWWW GROSS!  They are covered in dust and spider webs.  I do clean them, but I confess this one in my bedroom hasn't been done since September.
If I don't want us all sneezing all night I have to clean this thing.  I have a simple way to do it that really controls the majority of the dust. 

To use my method you will need an old pillowcase and a damp rag.  You may also need a step stool or ladder to be able to reach your fan.  Please DO NOT do this if you are pregnant.  Get someone else to do it for you!  The last thing you need is to fall off a ladder! 

Place the opening of the pillowcase over the blade of the fan so that the blade is wrapped.  Grabbing either side of the blade slide the pillow case back off.  The dust will all collect inside the pillowcase rather than the flying all over the room.  Continue until you have completed all the blades.  With a damp rag (not wet or you will have a muddy mess) wipe down the base, motor, and blades.  The result is a shiny, clean fan.  :)  To empty the dust out of the pillow case, I take it outside, turn it inside out, and then shake.  I then throw it in the washing machine, still inside out.
I have tried many different methods, but this one for me gets the best results.  It usually takes me less than 5 minutes to do the whole fan and I don't have to clean up tons of dust that has fallen all over the floor. 
Let me know if you try this!  I would love to hear from you!

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  1. hmmmmm going to have it try this

    1. Miriam,

      I hope you do! I have found it to really be the easiest way to clean a fan. It really reduces the amount of dust falling while you clean. :) Thanks for visiting!

    2. Great idea. But don't like the shaking of the pillowcase outside. Dust all over .

    3. Miriam, I am so glad to have come across this post. I have been putting off cleaning the fans because I always get dust in my face.

  2. I have a ceiling fan right above my bed that hasn't been cleaned for quite some time & the reason is because of all that stuff falling down all over my bed, lol. Vacuuming never seems to get it all, so I'll try this & see how it goes. And I just realized something --- I don't have to use a step ladder because I can just stand on my bed. If I happen to get dizzy and topple over, I'll have a nice pillow-soft place on which to fall on ;)

    1. Be careful about standing on your bed. My mother stood on a bed to change a light bulb and fell and broke her hip and destroyed her wrist and hand which she used to try to break her fall.

  3. Now if someone could find an easy way to clean a ceiling in a high vaulted ceiling. Only way I've found is to deal with the mess underneath and use a swiffer attached/taped to a long pole. Lots of work because the dern thing won't stay still.

  4. Hi Meredith,
    I'm going to try this. I hate dust in my face. There is a lot of work to clean the fan.

  5. I just use a microfiber cloth to wipe the blades down. I can't imagine I'd save significant time using a pillow case


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