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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Easter Lily Care and a Few Other Pretty Arrangements

Easter Lilies are such a pretty symbol of spring.  I just love the big beautiful blooms they produce.  Indoors the blooms can last for several weeks.  This one has been blooming for over two weeks now and still has more blooms coming on it every day.  To keep these looking beautiful through the season, here are a few things I do. 
Most of these will come with some colored foil around them.  Take that off.  It traps water and can cause you to over water the plant.  Plus it just isn't that attractive.  Instead place the plant into a pretty pot with a drain hole.  It is actually better to under water Easter Lilies rather than over watering.  

When blooms open remove the yellow anthers before the pollen starts to shed. I do it as soon as I notice the bloom is open. Simply grab the anthers and gently pull.

The anthers will pop right off into your hand.

Dispose of these and wash your hands.  Removing these will help your blooms to last longer, and keep the plant from spreading pollen all over your furniture or staining the flower.  Once the blooms die, simply snap them off.  This will keep your Lily happy and healthy. 
You can continue to enjoy your Lily year after year by planting it outdoors once danger of frost has past.  For best results, plant them once all the blooms have fallen off.

Here are a few other arrangements I have around the house right now.  These forsythia branches make a beautiful arrangement and are prefect for a space where you need something larger.  These are sitting in my front hall.  There is a little alcove between our steps and the powder room.  This drum table fits in there perfectly, but I always have a hard time deciding what to put on it.  I love this over sized vase with the forsythia for this spot.   

These little violets are just some the kids picked out of the yard for me.  I love this sweet little vase.  If you don't have one this small, consider using a toothpick container, or a film canister that you decorate to display those precious little treasures that your children bring you.  Actually these little vases would probably be the perfect mother's day gift.  :)

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  1. Hi,
    Just visiting from over at Kathrines Corner. Thanks so much for the tips on Easter Lily care. I was just given three Easter lilies so this came my way at the right time.

    Have a great day.

    1. Hi SallyAnn,

      That is actually my mom's name too! I did a double take when it popped up, wondering when she started a blog! lol Anyway, thanks for stopping by A TIPical Day. I am so glad that you found these tips helpful. Good luck with your Lilies!

  2. What great info about the Easter lily. Very helpful for the allergies!

  3. lovey, oh thank you so much for sharing the hop with your readers. xo

  4. So if planted outside will the Easter Lily come back next year? Like a perennial? I never thought about planting them outside!

    1. Hi Amanda,
      Yes, once you plant them outside they should come back as a perennial. I can't promise that you will have success with it every time, but usually they do pretty well as long as the squirrels don't get them. :)

  5. Wow! Super photography in this blog. I love the little vase of violets. Good thinking. I need all the help I can get with flowers. I cut at an angle and pop an aspirin in. I steal my dad's aspirin when I am over there :) Have you tried the aspirin. I think it helps. But don't take your plant advice from me. I finally have a plant that's still alive over three years. I enjoyed this spring-time blog!!!!


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