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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Do-A-Dots Mother's Day Flowers

My kiddos have been busy thinking up ideas for Mother's Day gifts.  These sweet flowers made from coffee filters and our favorite Do-A-Dots are a perfect child craft and gift for mom.  You can check out our original post on Do-A-Dots here.

For this craft you will need the following supplies:

Coffee filters
Spray bottle filled with water
Clothes pins
Paper towels
Floral wire
Pipe cleaners
 Have your child decorate the coffee filter using the Do-A-Dots.
Using the spray bottle, dampen the coffee filter.  The wetter it gets, the more the colors will merge.

After a few stained fingers, we realized it worked best to hold the filters using clothes pins. 

Once dry fold the filter in half and twist into a flower shape. Wrap some floral wire around the end.  Using your pipe cleaner, cover the wire.  Depending on what type of flower you want to make, you could also push the pipe cleaner through a small hole in the center which will anchor it in a little better.

Remember the mason jars I found?  Well they make a pretty vase for my little flower.

Another idea for these would be to turn them into a corsage.  What mother or grandmother wouldn't love sporting this work of art?  ;)

My boys chose to use the pipe cleaner to make this wrist corsage, however I think it would be very pretty with some ribbon or lace as the bracelet.  Also I recommend stapling or hot gluing the flower onto whatever you use as the bracelet.

Hope you enjoy this cute child's craft!

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  1. We use markers on coffee filters to make flowers and colorful snowflakes. :) Very cute!

    1. :) Yup we have done that too. The outcome is very similar to these.

  2. Super cute idea. This is such a neat way for kids to get involved in Mother's Day gifts.

    1. Hi Shannah,
      Thank you for your sweet comment! My kids loved doing this project. It is great for children of all ages! :)

  3. I love this! What a neat idea. =)

  4. I like this version! We did the butterflies one year and sprayed them in the bathtub since it was snowy outside. Yeah- that was fun to clean up after!

  5. Love it! Here are some flowers I won't kill,hopefully. Looks easy and fun enough! What a cutie!

  6. Very nice! :-) My kids have always loved Do-A-Dots and still use them (ages 11 and 7.)


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