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Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Faith Journey #9: My Own Little World Vs Bigger Picture

Welcome back to The Faith Journey. This Sunday series is about my faith walk, and the things the Lord is teaching me along the way. I am always so happy that you are here!  I hope you will continue to join me on this journey and grow in your faith as well.
Have you ever had a song speak to the exact emotion you are feeling? 
There is a Matthew West song that I can not get out of my head right now.  It is called My Own Little World.  The lyrics to this song just reach out to my soul.
You can watch the video for this song on YouTube
 Currently in my own life, I can see areas where I am trying to limit the Lord.  I have talked a little about this before.  It's me trying to insert my will, and not allowing room for what the Lord might have for me. 
I realize that I have to work on not worrying over things, not trying to control and manipulate every situation, and just trusting that the Lord has got my back.  This really goes back to what I was talking about in last weeks post on walking on water.  I need to put my trust in him, and have faith that He will pull me through.  I also need to recognize, that the glory is His, even if I don't get my way.  If I say the wrong thing to someone, He will still sit on the thrown.  Because of this, I can step out of my own little world, and start to see the bigger picture.  I am not saying this is easy.  It isn't!  That is just all part of  getting outside my own little world.  I just have to remember that His plans for me are far better than my plans for me.  :)
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