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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I've Got the Potty Training Blues


Tonight I have got the Potty Training Blues!  I am so frustrated from trying to train Little Miss Sassy Pants here.  With all three of my boys, I had them trained in about 2 days.  They had very few accidents, and life was good.  Not so with my little diva!  She wants to learn.  She asks to go.  But for some stinking reason she cannot seem to get the hang of this! 

I had always heard that girls are easier to train; I no longer believe this to be true!  We have tried rewards, books, songs, heck I even danced for her, but she is not getting it.  I have given up twice, and both times she brought me her underwear and told me she wanted to be a "big girl".  I know we are on the verge of something here; this mommy just needs some patience while she learns.
If you have any suggestions for me...please share!
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  1. Heather FitzgeraldJune 18, 2013 at 11:17 PM

    my son learned fast b/c every time big sis went to the potty he sat with her on his little seat and she sang with him. With my daughter she went potty every time I did (and I typically can't go more than 2-3hrs. :-(). My kids were 20months apart. :-)

    1. Hi Heather,

      Thanks for commenting. I think having the kids watch each other is a great strategy, and one that we have actually used as well. Worked well with 2 of my boys. :)

  2. My boys were LONG for number 2 and Layla learned that first on purpose. It still took her about a week to understand the feeling and be able to tell me to go. She will get it and I will pray that it comes soon.
    PS - I really like your blog and can't wait to plan a visit to VA! :-)

    1. Hi Catie!
      Thanks for leaving a comment! I am happy to report, that she finally got it! YEEHAW! Thanks for the prayers!

  3. I love the picture! How old is she now? My daughter will be 20 months and we need to start this adventure soon! ;) I found you through Liebster Award. Congratulations! I am following your blog, and will find time to read more.

    1. Hi Laura,
      Thank you! She just turned three this month. Good luck with your own potty training adventure and thanks for the follow! :D


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