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Monday, June 24, 2013

Love and Marriage

*Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links.  By making a purchase through them, I will make a small commission. 
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This month, my husband and I celebrate 13 years of marriage. That sounds like such a long time to me, yet feels like it has been only a second.  The years have been filled with many hills and valleys.  We started our life together as a poor, young couple that could hardly pay the rent.  Hubby was in school full time and I had a very poorly paying position as a Child Care Director.  Our apartment was so cold in the winter that we couldn't even use our bedroom.  So we improvised and threw a mattress on our living room floor next to an old wood stove.  Thinking back on those days, I just smile, because it was such an adventure, and I knew that with him by my side, I could face anything (by the way, I still feel that way)! 
The Lord has blessed us richly since then, giving us 5 beautiful children, a steady income, and a firm roof over our heads.  But I am the most blessed to be able to call my very best friend, "Honey".  It is my favorite and most cherished aspect of our relationship.

Now he is by no means the "perfect husband", but then again I am far from the "perfect wife" either.  We are just two perfectly imperfect people who love each other deeply.

Early in our marriage our church offered a Newly Married Sunday School Class.  I can not tell you how much we benefited from attended this.  We got to study some great books, take a biblical look into marriage, and examine our own marriage in comparison to what the Lord has designed it to look like. 
If your church doesn't offer couples Sunday School Classes or Marriage Enrichment Classes, there are many videos, books, and devotionals that you can still do together.

Here are some of the books that we found helpful over the years...

By Gary Chapman

By Dr. Gary Smalley



By Willard F. Harley Jr.

If you have a great book on marriage, would you please share it with me?

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