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Friday, February 14, 2014

Family Friday - "Light of My Life" Valentine's Day Candle

Happy Valentine's Day!  Today I am sharing a little something my kiddos and I whipped up for the grandparents.  This was a really simple and inexpensive gift to make, and turned out pretty cute. 
First the kids and I took a trip to the dollar store.  We picked up some of these little candle votives.  In hindsight, I wish I had bought circular ones instead.  The kids picked out some candles to go inside them as well.  We bought 3 of each so total cost of this project was $6 and it made gifts for 3 people.

At home I picked a picture of all my kids and played with it on Picmonkey until I had it the way I liked it.  I added a heart cut out and the wording "Light of My Life" with the date.  Next I printed it out on just regular computer paper in wallet size.  It fit almost perfectly on the votive.  I had originally wanted to do it on a vellum paper so that you would see the candle through it, but I didn't have any, so I just used what was on hand.  

Next I made some homemade Modge Podge using 1 part Elmers School Glue and 1 part water.  I just put it into an old baby food jar and shook it up.  Then I painted the label onto the votive. 
 After the first coat, I noticed that the homemade Modge Podge had dried on the glass making it look frosted, so I went back and painted all of the glass.  I really liked the effect.  When doing this be really careful not to drip, it will show when it dries.  Also make sure each coat dries completely before applying the next coat.  The color in my picture did fade slightly from the acid in the glue, but I actually kind of like the way it looked.

If I do this again I may try printing the picture on photo paper and laminating it then gluing it to a wide ribbon.  I think that would work well and be really pretty too.
What gifts did you make this valentine's day? 

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  1. I am sure their grandparents loved this! Thanks for sharing it at the #WWDParty - Happy Valentine's Day.

  2. Fun project! I bet the kids were so excited to see their grandparents' reaction. :) Also bet the grandparents were delighted!

    1. Hi Wendy,
      One set of grandparents got theirs already and LOVED it. The other set we won't see until tomorrow! The kids are very excited to give it to them. Shh don't tell them it is coming! ;)

  3. This is the cutest thing ever! I love picmonkey... and this is such a great idea! You're such a sweet mom to do this... you've totally inspired me! :)

    1. Hi Gloria,
      Thanks for popping over. I love picmonkey too. I am always in there playing or working on some project. So glad you found this inspiring!

  4. Great idea! I like that the modge podge made the candle look frosted. The price was right too. I will have to keep this in the back of my mind for future projects. Thanks for another great visit!


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