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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How to Run a Successful Cub Scout Fundraiser Part 1

I have mentioned previously in my post on Blue and Gold Theme Ideas, that I have been the Popcorn Kernel for our Pack for the past 4 years.  Popcorn is to Cub Scouts what cookies are to the Girl Scouts.  It is has been the number one BSA fundraiser for over 35 years.  We love our popcorn.  Over the years, the prices of the popcorn have gone up, and many have lost their enthusiasm for it.  While others are stepping out, our Pack is taking it by storm.  No matter what fundraiser your unit chooses to do though, be sure that you are excited about it, pick great prizes, and make it fun!  

Start every fundraiser with some sort of kickoff...

Kickoffs are a great way to introduce your goals and products in a fun way to your scouts and their families.  Turn it into a party, play games, watch a movie, eat some pizza.  Personally, I love to pick a theme or a story line for our campaign.  

Pick a theme...

My very first year as Kernel, I dubbed myself "The Popcorn Queen".  I came out wearing a crown made from a popcorn bag and a purple robe that had the words POP all over it.  The Queen issued a mission to the Scouts, asking them to stop the Marshmallow Bandit who was trying to keep her from sharing her yummy popcorn with the world.  One of our leaders dressed as the bandit and came out shooting a marshmallow gun (which was a prize that year).  The boys LOVED it.  

Last year we did a really great pirate theme.  This one was my favorite so far.  Our Kickoff included pirate games, crafts, a photo booth, and food.  We had a plank that everyone walked as they entered the room. 

This was our Pirate Ship goal tracker.  The boys had to sink the ship with sales...which they did with flying colors by the way!  One of our amazing Leaders drew it up for us.

That is me dressed as Captain Caramel Crunch.  Pirate Popcornbeard stole my treasure, and I asked the boys to help me sink his ship by selling popcorn.

These next couple are all some that we did with the photo booth.  The kids had so much fun and we got some great pictures from it.

My little Pumpkin...she was only 2 here.  Doesn't she make the cutest pirate!  ;)  That red around her mouth was her mustache.

Give a short presentation...

Our theme this year was "Wild about Popcorn" which goes right along with our jungle/safari theme for Blue and Gold.  I created a short presentation using a power point.  I always make sure that I speak mostly to the boys, but I like to stop and talk to the parents for a minute or two.  I like to make sure parents understand that fundraisers are a way to help your child grow.  They develop foundations in communication, confidence, overcoming fears, ownership in their unit, goal setting, and working as a team.  I also make sure to highlight everything we will use the money for such as fun trips or Pinewood Derby.

Be Silly...

Me again getting ready to give my "Wild about Popcorn" presentation.  Like my hat?

We had crafts, games, and pizza, then after my presentation (which was about 15-20 minutes) we had a family movie night.  We watched Disney's "The Wild".

Make it special...

By doing a kickoff and making it a fun celebration, you are letting your Scouts know that it is important!  It also builds that momentum for reaching your goal.  What Fundraisers do you do?  How does your unit build enthusiasm? 

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