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Friday, February 28, 2014

Momentous Mommy Milestones

Tomorrow Perry is graduating from the Cub Scout Program into Boy Scouts of America.  In the Scouting world this is called a "Crossover".  For the Scouts, this is a pretty big deal, and as a mother it is a huge step in letting go.  In Cub Scouts, parents are asked to attend meetings, guide their Scouts and help them out.  In Boy Scouts, the boys are learning how to do these things for themselves, and parents are no longer required.  As a homeschooling parent, I never had that "dropping you kids off for the first day of school" milestone moment, so this for me is the first really big momentous moment.  Yes there have been other smaller ones, but for me, this is a big one.  
I am riddled with emotions as I try to prepare myself to watch my son cross over into a world were I am no longer needed; a world were he is expected to do it for himself.  I am so very proud of him and the work and dedication he has put into this program at such a young age.  I am thrilled to see his desire to continue into this next step of his life.  I am also terrified of letting go...but I must, for his good and my own.  I know there will be many other milestones for him, and I can't wait to share them with him.  In honor of Perry and his achievements, here is a look back at how my boy has grown during his 5 years in the Cub Scout Program.

First Pinewood Derby Car

First time heading out to Summer Camp

First attempt at Archery

Getting to ride in a Limo with his dad and brother for selling over $1000 worth of popcorn

Another Pinewood Derby car, another prize

A handsome young man in his Webelos uniform

Enjoying pound cake at his last year of Cub Scout Summer Camp

Last time camping with his grandfather as a Webelos II

What are some of the momentous milestones you have had with your children?
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  1. How adorable! Time really does fly! I can't believe that my daughter is almost 2 year old. Glad baby number 2 is on the way so I can enjoy the tiny baby phase all over again! :)

    1. Nicole, It goes all too fast indeed! It is wonderful to be able to experience these things over and over with each child! Good luck with baby #2! :)


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