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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Easy Bunny Preschool Craft

So sorry I missed Sunday and Monday's posts.  I suddenly came down with a terrible stomach bug on Sunday afternoon and it completely wiped me out!  Sometimes I have posts ready to go, unfortunately this time I didn't.  :(  I need to start planning better!

Anyway, last spring I shared a picture of this simple bunny preschool craft in this post, but thought it was so cute I wanted to do a post on it.  Pumpkin had such a good time making this one.

We picked up these Easter Foam shapes from the Dollar Store along with some cotton balls.  I already had some googly eyes and face stickers on hand from a previous project.

Pumpkin started by gluing her cotton balls onto the foam bunny.  I prefer to have my kids use regular white school glue in a squeeze bottle because it is so good for their fine motor skills.  It helps tighten their grip in preparation for writing and cutting.  I try as often as I can to allow them to do on their own without my help. 

The pinch method used to place small objects such as cotton balls, buttons, or pompom onto a craft like this is also good for fine motor skills.
Pumpkin selected cotton balls for her bunny because she wanted it to look fluffy.

Once the cotton balls where glued on, you can add some googly eyes.  This is very cute just like this.  You can add some magnets to the back and stick it on the fridge.

Pumpkin decided she wanted to take it a step farther and so she added another eye and a face sticker.  I couldn't stop laughing when I saw what she had done!  She was quite proud of herself.  
I hope you have fun making this simple and cute craft with your preschoolers!

Have a great day!


  1. cute idea! Can't wait until Olivia is old enough for glue :)

    1. HAHA Nicole you in for a whole other world! ;)

  2. This is so adorable and a cute Easter DIY. Thanks for sharing and linking up with us at the #WWDParty. Have a wonderful week ahead.

    1. Hi Antionette,
      This craft really was easy and fun to do with my daughter! She actually made a few of them, and we had so much fun laughing at the different faces she created on each of them. Thanks for stopping in for a visit!


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