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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Twitter Tuesday Linky Party, Week 22

Welcome to The Ultimate Linky's Twitter Party!

I am so excited!  This whole summer I get to be the co-host of this amazing party every Tuesday along with our host Tammy from The Ultimate Linky. Our goal is to grow this party so that there will be new people linking up every week so that you can continue to get new followers! There are two linkies in this party! You can do just one or both linkies if you wish. On the first linky, you will link up your Twitter URL for your Twitter account so that you can be followed. On the second linky, link up the URL of a tweet you would like to be retweeted. Please follow me and Tammy from The Ultimate Linky on Twitter, add the button to your sidebar or party page, and then link up and follow the directions for who to follow/retweet! If you are the last three to link up, your links will be manually added to the beginning of next week's link-up so that you get your follows. You can always follow more if you decide to! We also would love any shares that you could give to help spread the word about this party!
The Ultimate Linky
You can also link up one tweet that you would like to have re-tweeted. This is the same concept as above except you only have to tweet the two links above yours. I will make sure I tweet the last link(s). Social media parties every day of the week!

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  1. Followed all above me... Linda Crafts a la Mode

  2. Great idea and I'm glad to have found it! I followed all above as well.

    1. Glad you found us Karen. Thanks for joining! :)


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