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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Star Wars Themed Cub Scout Popcorn Kickoff Skit

Printable Star Wars themed skit for a popcorn kickoff - @ATIPicalDay #popcorn #cubscouts #BSA #trailsend #popcornkickoff #starwars

It is BSA popcorn season again!  That means I am up to my eyeballs in popcorn and popcorn themed events.  Fortunately I was able to hand the position of Popcorn Kernel off this year, but I remain heavily involved due to my position as Committee Chair.

This year our Council chose "space" as the theme for popcorn.  I admit that I was a just little bit excited when I heard this as there are so many things you can do around space.  Right away I got to work putting together a skit that would cover our theme and explain the details of our sale.  This is my favorite part about popcorn.  I love interacting (or maybe just acting) with the Scouts.  One of the mother's in our unit informed I am freak for how quickly I was able to put this together.  I just smiled.  When you love something, it just comes easily.  My only regret is that I didn't get any pictures.  :(  

This is what our Kickoff Party looked like:  

Invitations:  Our Pack has about 80 boys, so we started out by sending a space themed evite to the unit.  This really helps with getting a head count for the event and allows them to easily share details with others.

Food:Our Kernel ordered pizza and made up veggie, fruit, and cookie trays.  Dinner was served while everyone was arriving.

Presentation: Boys need that "WOW" factor to really get them energized.  Doing a really fun themed skit is a great way to get their attention.   Here is the link for the printable Star Wars Skit!  Our guys loved this!   I think this may have been my all time favorite one to write!  Be sure to add the special effects and come up with some type of costume.  Most ours were very simple, just enough to tell who we were.  

Fun:  After the skit, we put on a space themed movie (Planet 51) and handed out glow sticks.  We couldn't have a kickoff without popping some of our Trails End popcorn too. So we served this during the movie. 

This was a pretty simple event to put together and requires very little prep time (except for maybe the skit.)

Hope you will use the skit and find this information useful!  Your Scouts will enjoy this.  Please let me know if you end up using it!  What other themed skits would you like?  If you have something specific let me know, I will be happy to write one for your unit for a nominal fee.


  1. Seriously, girl, that is an awesome skit! Be sure to contact the BSA so THEY can share it...and hire you to write more.

  2. Wow, what an amazing skit! LOVE it!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this!! We are planning to use it. This is my first year as kernel so this will be perfect!!

  4. Thank you just got home from my popcorn training. That is perfect


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