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Monday, September 1, 2014

You Are Stronger Than You Believe

Girl running through a finish line.  You are stronger than you believe - @ATIPicalDay #running #motivation #inspiration #devotional #encouragement #goalsetting #5k

I am training to run a 5K in November.  It will be my first.  I am really nervous about it.  I am not a runner, never have been.  In fact, in high school I use to fake injuries to get out of gym class because of how much I despised running.  So the question begs, why would I start running now at almost 37 years old?  The truth is that I wanted something to challenge myself.  Something I would really have to work at, and something I wasn't really sure that I would be able to complete.  I chose well!  Five weeks ago when I started, I could hardly make it through one sold minute of running without feeling like I would pass out and die.  It took everything I had to push through that first week of training.  Each time I run, I feel stronger and push myself a little harder.  

This morning as I finished my intervals I was celebrating.  While I am still a long way off from where I would like to be, I am nearly half way to my goal.  During those times when I feel like giving up, I am reminded of Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through him who gives me strength."  The words echo in my mind and I am reminded that my strength flows from the Lord.  As a result I am so much stronger than what I think I am. These words encourage and motivate me to keep going.  
I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength - Philippians 4:13 - You are stronger than you believe - @ATIPicalDay #running #motivation #inspiration #devotional #encouragement #goalsetting #5k #philippians4:13

While I have been applying them to my running, they can be applied to so many other aspects of life.  No matter what you are going through right now, know that you are so much stronger than you believe. Set your mind to getting through, put your trust in the Lord, and take courage in His strength.  It will carry you through the tough times because your strength comes from the Lord.

What goals have you set for yourself?  How hard will you push to achieve them?

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