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Hi!  I am Meredith.  Welcome to A TIPical Day.  I am so happy you are here.  

I have been in love with writing ever since I was a little girl.  I love the way one can paint a picture with words.  They have the power to unleash the imagination while offering instruction, motivation, or even healing.  There is such simplicity and art in writing like nothing else I have experienced. Mix this with my deep-seated need to overshare, and I have found the perfect marriage in blogging.  Blogging has become a wonderful outlet for my creative process, and I madly adore it.  

My husband and five children (three boys and two girls) provide me with endless amounts of entertainment and content for my writing!  I share about the many aspects of our life in the hopes that it may help, encourage, and teach others.  

I have been told that I am addicted to volunteering.  It might be true.  I am the Committee Chair for our Cub Scout Pack, Secretary for our Boy Scout Troop, a Leader for Cubbies in our church AWANA Club and assist with our church's drama club.  Most of our weeknights are spent running to one activity or another with our children.  We are also a homeschooling family which keeps my days pretty well occupied.  I often say I think I learn as much, if not more than my children during our lessons.
Since these are all such a large part of my life, they have become common themes for my writing.  

Due to various health issues, about a year ago I changed my diet to eliminate most common allergens. The choice to do so was not easy, but the results have been fabulous. Sharing recipes and tips revolving around this difficult lifestyle has become a regular Monday feature for me.

My family lives about 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia and get to regularly visit the many beautiful and historic landscapes of the East Coast.  We love to travel and often incorporate it into our schooling.  We have found it to be a fabulous way for our children to learn.  You may occasionally find tidbits about one of our trips throughout my posts.

 My biggest passion is my relationship with Jesus Christ.  It has spurred my Sunday series called The Faith Journey, where I share about my journey of faith and what it is teaching me.  T.F.J. has become my favorite aspect of this blog.  It has stretched me far beyond the borders of my comfort zone.  I pray that this blog will reflect the love of Christ and serve as an encouragement to you.   

I love connecting with my readers and hearing their stories.

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